Jonathan Scarpari

Milan,United States


Jonathan Scarpari brings back the concept of handmade conceptual garments, creating different silhouettes to the male body.

The designer, who studied chemistry and agronomy before diving into the fashion design career, is strongly influenced by chemical formulas and equations: manual plots, treatment of the leather, beside the blend of textures and patterns.

Born in Santa Catarina, Brazil, Jonathan has been conquering more and more visibility from international media, since his debut on the southern brazilian project "Entremeios".

This year, he presented his last collection on Dragão Fashion, one of the most importants platforms of fashion in Brazil.

Scarpari bet on collections with inventive and unique modeling, which differentiates him from others designers of his niche market the artisan process is part of the brand identity.

The Cultus Deorum

Casual Pants
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