Beara Beara

London,United Kingdom


Creating unique leather bags and improving livelihoods was our dream
Handcrafting natural leather using skill and experience is what we do
Seeing our bags stand out in the crowd is what we enjoy
Beara Beara is who we are
Using generations of experience, our craftsmen pride themselves on producing unique pieces that withstand the tests of time. By combining robust unprocessed hides with super soft natural suede our range of handbags, satchels and backpacks are like no other.

To add to the exclusivity of several models, we incorporate antique Andean cloths called aguayos. These rare cloths depict a sense of history and culture and make each bag one of a kind.

A Beara Beara bag owner revels in creating his or her own unique style, while supporting a responsible and sustainable business.

Orlando Satchel

Travel Bags


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