Patrizia Bonati



Patrizia Bonati was born in 1964 in Cremona. She did her rudimentary training as a goldsmith alongside a craftsman and in the workshop of a Milanese sculptor. In 1991 she opened her own workshop in in Cremona. She takes part in many exhibitions in galleries and museums both in Italy and abroad.
Her work is typically Italian in use of materials, and is characterized by her use of elastic gold threads, plates of gold shaped by hammering. Insert the white enamel in her pieces as "dirty" the surface, although the white is a symbol of purity. They are attracted to the concept of movement and transformation: a necklace can become a bracelet, an earring a brooch, a bracelet a ring. The raw surface, color and texture lend an original aspect to her jewellery. All these elements give her work a contemporary vision while maintaining a strong connection with the past.

Brooch 18kt gold enamel white



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