Industrial Design

Friedemann Buehler



Friedemann Büehler has been working with wood since 1996. He crafts sculptural vessels, bowls and translucent lampshades using a turning technique that is complex and time-consuming, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces as well as small series objects. He selects his woods carefully, preferring those found in the forests of Hohenlohe. His pieces are usually made of oak, maple, ash, walnut, wild service tree, hornbeam and birch. After selecting the felled trees, he goes to work in the forest using an axe and chainsaw to form rough blanks. The rest of the work is done in his studio. Inspiration comes from other cultures and epochs as well as contemporary ceramics. His work has simple but perfect flowing lines with surfaces that are smooth and finely sanded or rough brushed. His combination of craftsmanship and artistry bring out the unique beauty of the wood in pieces of timeless elegance.



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