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Yarose Shulzhenko

Porto Sant'elpidio,Italy


Exclusive shoes by Yarose Shulzhenko and its brand history started long before Yaroslav was born. In the mid-20th century, a shoemaker called Afanasiy - Yaroslav’s grandfather - produced handmade shoes on his own using a few wooden forms and the Singer sewing machine. He could not even have imagined that half a century later his grandchildren would follow in his footsteps and create a unique company that would produce high-quality contemporary shoes based on old-times techniques and traditional handmade ways of shoe-making.
Most of Yarose Shulzhenko's shoes are bright high-heeled creations that are unforgettable, but even with high heels his shoes are known for their convenience and stability, and this is probably the reason why more and more people fall in love with them every day…

Y.S. Green Python Heels

High Heels
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