Sk8 Shades

Three Rivers,South Africa


Sk8 Shades are made from used skateboards collected throughout South Africa. All moulds, templates and tooling is made in-house using basic tools, woodworking machinery and a few Franken-tools from various pawn-shop finds. Sk8Shades started as a side line project in 2012. When my trusty aviators started falling apart at the seams. I spent a couple hours on the internet then made the first pair with a jigsaw, a drill and a belt-sander. Something told me to keep going at it and and I dedicated all available time to figuring out how to make Sk8Shades different from anything else out there. I enlisted the help of my longtime friend and fellow skater George Van Blerk. Nowadays we spend our days in the workshop stripping grip tape off old boards, cross-cutting, ripping, planing, laminating, slicing, dicing and making sunglasses out of the one thing we both enjoy most in life, skateboards.

Walnut with dirty temples

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