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Alexandra Lavyl is a Swedish footwear designer and the founder of LAVYL. Her life's work consists of creating shoes of impeccable craftsmanship— silhouettes of feminine elegance that transform her deep love of nature into timeless fashion. Her passionate vision follows elemental, elegant forms found in nature and the human body.

Alexandra studied Footwear Design at CERCAL in San Mauro Pascoli, Italy. With her first hand-made shoe Alexandra was selected by ANCI MICAM Milano in 2008 to be the prizewinner of the highly regarded "La scarpa Italiana". Later, she taught at the prestigious London College of Fashion. Her first hand-finished collection ‘The Birth of the Nude’ was exhibited at the LCF gallery on Carnaby street in 2009.

Femininity, modernity, and elegance are the three words Alexandra Lavyl uses to describe her style. Today, she lives and works in both Sweden and Italy.

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