Fili Plaza



Fili Plaza was born in 1957 in Salamanca, Spain. She studied Interior Design at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios of Barcelona, and also took ceramics courses. Fili began her career as a sculptor, and in 2003 she initiated her career as a jewelry designer for a being she knows very well: the woman.

Fili picked the human body as the main theme of her creations, as a way of expressing her ideas through sculpture. She treats the human body as a physical matter that helps us communicate, and also isolate, ourselves from the others.

Torsos of men and women, imposing sculptures of two human beings broken lengthways, couples that hold themselves in order to - find themselves?, protect themselves?, comfort themselves?, recognize themselves?, or simply search for their lost soul.

Since 1988 Fili has been doing individual and collective exhibitions at art galleries in Spain, the Netherlands, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Brussels, Miami, Germany and Japan.

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