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Soffio di Soffia


Bag design is like a project for your own little house, a home for your precious things. It is Architecture.


Linda Friedrich


Born and raised in Germany, Linda studied Product Management and Design in Munich. She worked as a Designer & Product Manager in Germany and then travelled to China, leading the Research & Development Team and working as a trend scout in Shanghai and Hong Kong. After years of designing and merchandising mass market fashion, she immigrated to Israel in 2008. Linda had already entered the world of jewelry in China and continued to study with several silver- & goldsmiths in Israel. 
With both fashion and jewelry, she learned everything from scratch. Her jewelry is a result of an awareness and attention to her natural surroundings. She loves to work with ideas or material which she has found on one of her strolls through nature - everything she picks up in her surroundings is potential jewelry to her. In 2013, Linda opened her shop at the old harbour in Jaffa, Tel Aviv.




Beauty, style and sophistication, handcraft and innovation, passion for excellence. A luxury made of substance and not merely of appearance. The use of precious and innovative materials which marries the wisdom of craftsmanship in a production process that is all “Made in Italy” completes the high profile of the brand.


Exquisite artworks that reveal worlds full of emotions


    Original outfits made by the finest fashion designers, following the highest quality standards

      Industrial Design

      Top-notch designs that will enrich your life


        Spectacular handmade jewels that fit your glamour and elegance

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