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Sk8 Shades


Sk8 Shades are made from used skateboards collected throughout South Africa. All moulds, templates and tooling is made in-house using basic tools, woodworking machinery and a few Franken-tools from various pawn-shop finds. Sk8Shades started as a side line project in 2012. When my trusty aviators started falling apart at the seams. I spent a couple hours on the internet then made the first pair with a jigsaw, a drill and a belt-sander. Something told me to keep going at it and and I dedicated all available time to figuring out how to make Sk8Shades different from anything else out there. I enlisted the help of my longtime friend and fellow skater George Van Blerk. Nowadays we spend our days in the workshop stripping grip tape off old boards, cross-cutting, ripping, planing, laminating, slicing, dicing and making sunglasses out of the one thing we both enjoy most in life, skateboards.


Jonathan Scarpari


Jonathan Scarpari brings back the concept of handmade conceptual garments, creating different silhouettes to the male body. The designer, who studied chemistry and agronomy before diving into the fashion design career, is strongly influenced by chemical formulas and equations: manual plots, treatment of the leather, beside the blend of textures and patterns. Born in Santa Catarina, Brazil, Jonathan has been conquering more and more visibility from international media, since his debut on the southern brazilian project "Entremeios". This year, he presented his last collection on Dragão Fashion, one of the most importants platforms of fashion in Brazil. Scarpari bet on collections with inventive and unique modeling, which differentiates him from others designers of his niche market the artisan process is part of the brand identity.



Crystal Jewellery

Somogyi has created one of a kind jewelleries and collectable objects at his Paris atelier since 2002. His patented technique and uncommon production process make him one of the finest crystal artists worldwide. “My dedication to quality and technique will continue to remain paramount.” SoimogyiParis® uses all European crystal sources of every gem-stone shape as well as cabochon and uncut crystals. Gold, silver, bronze and copper mosaics are mixed in a never-before-seen combination. Every component is individually hand-encrusted and recessed without models or moulds, making each piece unique - handcrafted with love and the experience of a craftsman, Stephen P. Somogyi with 50 years in the business. Pieces are waterproof, anti-allergic, lightweight and conceived for today’s lifestyle – an extraordinary elegance combined with simplicity of style, in the finest quality materials.


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