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Alfarería Tito


In 1965, Juan Martínez Villacañas "Tito", a 25 year-old coming from a family with a long tradition in pottery making, had to choose between continuing the craft he had learned and exercised since childhood or abandoning his way of making things in favor to new, less functional materials. Fortunately, ignoring the songs of the sirens that tempted him to change towards technological techniques, Tito decided to stay in his workshop and restore and maintain the best of the Iberian pottery traditions.


Sandor Lakatos


Sandor Lakatos, Hungarian fashion designer was born and raised in the small industrial town of Tatabánya during the communist era. He used to work on a sewing line from the age of 15, and his grandmother, the manager of the factory has taught him all the tricks of the trade from a very early age. As a freelance fashion designer, Sandor started his designing career in 2005. Ever since, he came out with new collections every year, wow-ing the Hungarian and international fashion scene. His unquestionable style and expertise has earned him a lot of publicity throughout the years, especially since his appearance in Vogue Italia’s new talents section in 2013. Sandor soon launched his clothing line under the name Sandor Lakatos Menswear. By ordering his designs, you sign up for having an experiance of unique, high quality menswear, that feels like its made to measure.




8ttagoni is a project by Italian designer Daniela Corcio. The collections are based on regular octagonal patterns - an idea that came about after artist Ivan Pavlov asked Daniela to create items that would reflect the aesthetics of his Soisong project. Otto Ottagoni (eight octagons) takes its name from the shape of Soisong’s records. Using abstract trans-culturalism for a new dimension, the shapes of the garments offer a universal look that brings together sound and shape. The octagon becomes a symbol of renewal and a hope to create balance between emotion and passion. This sense of symmetrical unity and clarity is manifested by the use of black and white and the unisex designs. 8ttagoni's timeless collection is composed of eight black and white styles in one size only, customizing some styles and creating new pieces and limited editions. Additional fabrics, colours and prints on demand.


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