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Martin Bergström


It is a bubbly and boisterous place, the creative mind of fashion designer Martin Bergström. His ingenuity takes him from cabbages to space whores, from decomposing materials to forgotten handicraft techniques. Maybe this is why he cannot confine himself to the fashion world but has applied his imagination to hotel interiors, furniture, print, theatre, uniforms, stage clothing, illustrations, styling and commercial work. He graduated with an MA in Textiles in 2005 - he has an artistic outlook when it comes to fashion, producing small collections of made-to-order garments in fine, and often rare, materials, like leathery silk and heavy, fur-like boiled wool. Organic shapes, playfulness and couture-like sewing techniques merge in his clothes, and despite their kaleidoscopic qualities, with wild prints and colours, there’s a feeling of something held back and reined in.


Friedemann Buehler

Wooden bowls, lighting, vessels

Friedemann Büehler has been working with wood since 1996. He crafts sculptural vessels, bowls and translucent lampshades using a turning technique that is complex and time-consuming, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces as well as small series objects. He selects his woods carefully, preferring those found in the forests of Hohenlohe. His pieces are usually made of oak, maple, ash, walnut, wild service tree, hornbeam and birch. After selecting the felled trees, he goes to work in the forest using an axe and chainsaw to form rough blanks. The rest of the work is done in his studio. Inspiration comes from other cultures and epochs as well as contemporary ceramics. His work has simple but perfect flowing lines with surfaces that are smooth and finely sanded or rough brushed. His combination of craftsmanship and artistry bring out the unique beauty of the wood in pieces of timeless elegance.


Benjamin Antz-Recalt


Benjamin Antz-Recalt is a Parisian fashion designer. After studying graphic arts and fashion design, he created his own label in 2013 with the help of talented staff, after working with prestigious brands such as Jean-Paul Gaultier. His first collection "Gémellité Eugénique" was presented in Paris in 2012. More collections followed "Holy Equinox", "Gemellite Eugenique", "Baise en ville" before the current "MK/ULTRA" line up. From his travels, Benjamin learned technical knowledge - he adapts architectural and edgy lines influenced by his favourite music, cinema, contemporary art and photography. He creates exclusive, luxurious pieces, made customizable and unique by using French "Haute Façon" skills. The final products blend state of the art with tradition, the customer's personality and our own touch: developing special fabrics, collaborating with graphic artists and talented handlers.


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