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Víctor M. delgado


Victor Manuel Delgado Martínez is a self-taught sculptor, whose professional trajectory is marked by strong experiences that made him sink into emotional ups and downs, which are expressed in his creations. This way, he indicates his style, characterized by fast and sober designs, with which he represents everything that his unpredictable mind is able to imagine.


Lauren Geoghegan


Lauren Geoghegan is a fresh, London-based accessory designer. After graduating with a 1st from the prestigious London College of Fashion’s Cordwainers College, she designed accessories for Britains biggest high street names including Topshop and Asos, whilst working on the construction of her luxury bags. Whilst her heart originally lay within Womenswear, Lauren’s studies lured her to the 3D world of accessories, allowing her the freedom to play with shape and volume. Her knack for putting together unusual yet incredibly fashion forward and wearable pieces is her trademark. As featured in previous collections, as well as ContainHer, her work with leather stretches from bespoke bags and clutches to remarkable pieces designed for the body which satisfies her long lived penchant for womenswear.




mohinders handweave leather shoes using high-quality leather, unique and sustainable production and ethical sourcing. The company's HQ is in California with production in Karnataka, India. mohinders started on the streets of Mumbai, when brand creator Michael stumbled upon a peddler selling handmade leather shoes. “I bought a pair and started wearing them nearly every day when I was back home. I followed my inspiration, quit my job as a corporate lawyer and made a sourcing trip back to India where I found an ethical production partner. We partnered up with the original designers, using trial and error to come up with the mohinders City Slippers which are handmade by 2nd and 3rd generation shoemaking artisans.” Manufacturing is handled by an artisan’s cooperative in India that ensures all workers are compensated fairly. Our leather is vegetable-tanned without any harmful chemicals.


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