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Kunza Corsetorium

Luxe corsetry

Kunza Corsetorium - Luxe corsetry made in London - Refined designs and exquisite details make these signature pieces wearable not only as undergarments but also as outer garments, giving sensuality a new definition, going beyond lust to love. Kunza corsetiere creates limited edition foundation garments using only the finest laces and silks to combine traditional couture techniques with unique designs. With a discerning clientèle her collections are available to very selected stores worldwide.


Leona Lengyel


Leona Lengyel is a fashion designer and artist. Her love for art and design started at an early age in Hungary where she was born and raised in a family of jewellers. She creates exquisite luxury hand painted silk scarves under her signature name ‘Léna’. Her scarves are digitally reproduced onto luxurious silk satin and silk chiffon from her hand painted original silk scarves as a way of transforming her paintings into wearable art. “I work in oils, acrylic as well as on silk and find silk painting combines my love of textiles with my love of painting. Each medium has it’s own potential and limitations and I like to choose the medium which I feel will best express the subject I want to paint. I genuinely feel that we are all blessed with unique gifts. The complexity and the small number of limits gives me the ultimate opportunity to express myself through fashion design with painting."


Bareum Emily Hwang


BAREUM HWANG is based in Florence,Italy and Seoul, Korea. She studied at Polimoda International Institute Of Fashion Design & Marketing. Her collection is all made by hand crafts and using only finest leather and special materials. Her primary target is the person who has a thorough self and does not lose fashionable sensibility. She aim with her own high-end brand to reflect unique classiness as well as contemporary look.


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