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Glass Products

Lucirmás designs and produces sustainable glass products which tell a story. We make original, handcrafted objects from 100% recycled glass, offering the quality of a beautiful, artisan product. Lucirmás’ mission is to create products which make the most of the charm, value and versatility of recycled glass. Our products are elegant, simple and functional.


Roei Ivgy


"As early as I can remember, my dream was to find the one thing in life that gave me joy. I found this in my art. I am truly happy when I see someone wearing a piece of my jewelry. This proves to me that I chose the right path." (Roei Ivgy) Roei Ivgy was born in Rosh Pinna, a small town near Sefad. From an early age, he was drawn to the esthetics and beauty of gemstones. He attended the Maziar School of Fine Jewelry where he studied classical and modern jewelry design. He graduated with excellence and continued to learn with Master Maziar Azar Adivi, mastering the art of Diamond and Gemstone Setting. From his studio in Old Rosh Pinna, Roei handcrafts antique, classic and modern jewellery of the highest quality including wedding bands, engagement rings and custom-made items. He specializes in Judaica/Kabbalah designs engraved with prayers and blessings based on Jewish mysticism.




Our Story: Charbonize is an accessories brand for gadgets founded in 2010. Charbonize follows the concept of being simple, timeless and functional just like carbon and charcoal, Charbonize wants its products to have the 'characters' of carbon and charcoal, which are fundamental and used everywhere. Carbon plus charcoal, it is how the name Charbonize is created! Our Design: All Charbonize products start with a hand sketching, where every detail is carefully considered until both aesthetics and functionality are well balanced. Once the appropriate design is finalized, prototypes are created by hand in our workshop. Prototyping allows us to test the functionality of the design and the characteristics of using various types of materials. Samples are then created using a mixture of various material options in different proportions, until a version that matches Charbonize's product identity.


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