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raquel montiel

purse design

Makara company, founded by designer Raquel Montiel, makes exclusive and elegant bag designs. It is a luxury brand for the woman who wants to be seen as a simple, yet glamourous and attractive person. We want the women who choose Makara to shine, feel different and stand out. Our bags are unique complements. We pay special attention to the final touches, always choosing the best materials and taking care, with good taste and delicacy, of each and every one of the details. This is where the luxury and distinction of our bags reside. Makara bags are made in workshops located in Spain, by the best artisans and leather specialists. The skins we use are all natural, therefore possible scars or variations of tones are a guarantee of authenticity. All our skins have the CITES Certificate, released by the Washington Convention.


Jonathan Scarpari


Jonathan Scarpari brings back the concept of handmade conceptual garments, creating different silhouettes to the male body. The designer, who studied chemistry and agronomy before diving into the fashion design career, is strongly influenced by chemical formulas and equations: manual plots, treatment of the leather, beside the blend of textures and patterns. Born in Santa Catarina, Brazil, Jonathan has been conquering more and more visibility from international media, since his debut on the southern brazilian project "Entremeios". This year, he presented his last collection on Dragão Fashion, one of the most importants platforms of fashion in Brazil. Scarpari bet on collections with inventive and unique modeling, which differentiates him from others designers of his niche market the artisan process is part of the brand identity.


Gloria Ng - Insinuo


Insinuo: Conceptual Jewellery by Gloria Ng. Messing around with art and fashion jewellery. Insinuo is the intimate connection between *** Its collections inspire wearers to explore the forgotten parts and the neglected spaces around our bodies. It is playful yet not without purpose, which is why boys and girls love it. *** Me and you/you and your loved one/you and jewellery... and so on


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