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Unity watches


The name UNITY symbolises the main feature of our watches: a perfect combination of individual, unique pieces, which is the main concept behind the brand. We believe that the privilege of exclusivity lies not in the value of things, but in their unique, personal nature. The essence of this principle and the passion we feel for watchmaking are what make UNITY's 1of1 concept so special. Our “build your time” system allows you to customise every last detail of your one-of-a-kind timepiece. You can choose from a wide range of superior quality components and finishes.


Kunza Corsetorium

Luxe corsetry

Kunza Corsetorium - Luxe corsetry made in London - Refined designs and exquisite details make these signature pieces wearable not only as undergarments but also as outer garments, giving sensuality a new definition, going beyond lust to love. Kunza corsetiere creates limited edition foundation garments using only the finest laces and silks to combine traditional couture techniques with unique designs. With a discerning clientèle her collections are available to very selected stores worldwide.


Kel Domenech


Kel Domenech is a catalonian art creator, specialized in sculptures and trained in the field of carpentry and restoration. His work is based on decontextualized materials and objects created with personal, intimate feelings.


Exquisite artworks that reveal worlds full of emotions


    Original outfits made by the finest fashion designers, following the highest quality standards

      Industrial Design

      Top-notch designs that will enrich your life


        Spectacular handmade jewels that fit your glamour and elegance

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