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Glass Products

Lucirmás designs and produces sustainable glass products which tell a story. We make original, handcrafted objects from 100% recycled glass, offering the quality of a beautiful, artisan product. Lucirmás’ mission is to create products which make the most of the charm, value and versatility of recycled glass. Our products are elegant, simple and functional.


Jelka Quintelier


“With open eyes and open mind I want to stretch the boundaries of jewellery design and change the way we think about adornment” Belgian-born Jelka graduated from London's Royal College of Art in 2013. By fusing jewellery with product design, fashion and sculpture, her work questions adornment, wearability and how we relate to objects and materials. Her latest jewellery is designed with an extra-function, such as a necklace that can be transformed into a chair. Under the name Black Lune Jelka designs laser cut rubber jewellery, inspired by visual patterns and striking scenes. She photographs these scenes and translates them into paper cut-outs to inspire digital drawings. The pieces are laser cut out of EPDM rubber and neoprene. The industrial roofing rubber and the wetsuit material are transformed into a captivating adornment that creates an interplay between the 2D and 3D world.



Crystal Jewellery

Somogyi has created one of a kind jewelleries and collectable objects at his Paris atelier since 2002. His patented technique and uncommon production process make him one of the finest crystal artists worldwide. “My dedication to quality and technique will continue to remain paramount.” SoimogyiParis® uses all European crystal sources of every gem-stone shape as well as cabochon and uncut crystals. Gold, silver, bronze and copper mosaics are mixed in a never-before-seen combination. Every component is individually hand-encrusted and recessed without models or moulds, making each piece unique - handcrafted with love and the experience of a craftsman, Stephen P. Somogyi with 50 years in the business. Pieces are waterproof, anti-allergic, lightweight and conceived for today’s lifestyle – an extraordinary elegance combined with simplicity of style, in the finest quality materials.


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